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Austin Leahy – East Coast Radio Interview

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Austin Leahy - East Coast Radio, Thursday 8th November 2012

Scary start to my interview at East Coast Radio when Claire, his hugely competent producer showed me into the studio....and I looked around to see that I was on my own. All those nightmares about having to land the plane because the pilot's had a heartattack flashed through my mind. Fortunately Declan Meehan shot into the studio at the last minute to vanquish the dead air and start the interview. They had cancelled their regular...

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Nov at 11:25 AM

HOGAN a�?NO! NO! NO!a�? New single OUT NOW!

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Music and AMA Music Agency represents Hogan.
What a journey 2012 has been for Hogan so far....from performing at a GermanA�S.E.X. CLUBA�for Berlin Fashion Week to touring around China the boys from the midlands are now getting set for the release of their next single, the up tempo & very radio friendly a�?NO! NO! NO!a�� out on ourA�new label Collective Management via...

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Aug at 1:10 PM

Tupelo Review – London Calls Exciting New Trad Band

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