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Robots for Festivals

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Summer is a time when people queue up for the best festivals in town, featuring the most exciting acts. To be original and heard in the midst of the various festivals all over the country, a good music act alone simply doesn't cut it any longer and the organisers will have to be that one step ahead of everyone else! With that in mind the team at Robot NetworksA�in affiliation with Music Industry put...

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Oct at 11:20 AM

Ryan Sheridan experiences China

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Monaghan success story and Hot Press cover star Ryan Sheridan has been touring endlessly all over Europe since his release of his number 01 album Here And Now. He didn't stop there however and the demand of live gigs overseas brought him all the way to China, where he has been touring with his band and experiencing incredible 'once in a life time moments' over the past weeks. Read More


Oct at 8:45 AM

Keywest release new single “All My Mistakes” -EP in hot pursuit

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Keywest are on the verge of releasing their latest EP !

Brilliant Irish Indie Band KEYWEST have been hard at work since the start of 2015, with gigs all over Ireland, as well as in the UAE over the Saint Patrick's Day Celebrations and now it is almost time for a new EP. Their stunning latest single "All My Mistakes" has been unleashed to the public earlier this month and will be able for download...

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Mar at 2:05 PM

Vinyl Revival

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Vinyl sales are at an all time high, annual sales have surpassed half a million units for the first time in over a decade. This was revealed by a BPI analysis of Official Charts Company data released last week. Releases from Daft Punk, Arctic Monkeys and David Bowie have helped push the popularity of the format to renewed heights this year. Almost 550,000 LPs have been snapped up by music fans so far in 2013, already giving...

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Oct at 2:21 PM

HMV is back in Ireland

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After dramatically closing shop last January, HMV have returned back to the Irish shores under the ownership of Hilco, which bought the company in a deal worth almost 59 million euro. HMV relaunched their flagship store on September 12th, with The Strypes performing in-store at the Henry street location. HMV continued their relaunch with branches at Dundrum Town Centre, Liffey Valley, The Crescent Shopping Centre and a location in Limerick opening their doors on September 12th. Larry Howard owner...

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Oct at 2:05 PM

Budget 2014: The Cork Events Centre

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A moment that was missed by many in Budget 2014 was the listing of The Cork Events centre to receive cash from the 200 million National Lottery proceeds. Brendan Howlin the minister for Public Expenditure and Reform listed the events centre as a project that will be receiving funding as it will boost local economic activity and create many jobs. Cork currently doesn't have a facility similar to Dublina��s o2 arena , and although the centre will bring...

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Oct at 1:53 PM