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Fred Return From NYC

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Fred Return From NYC as Champions. The challenge was to go New York, make new friends, play gigs, win hearts, raise levels and eat well. All tests were passed with high levels of dexterity and we have returned eager, hungry and ready for the next challenge when it presents itself. On a more 'serious reporters' note, New york was great.A� We were over there to play CMJ, invited by the lovely Music From Ireland gang.A� We played a few gigs...

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Tony Clayton-Lea – 101 Records You Must Hear Before You Die

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Twenty years of music writing have exposed Tony Clayton-Lea to more Irish albums than most people would hear in a lifetime. With five books already under his belt, all those album reviews have lead Tony to a new pinnacle in his writing career: 101 Irish Records (You Must Hear Before You Die).

“My year zero was 1977 which was a pivotal year for a lot of people. For me, bands like the Sex Pistols, the Clash, Buzzcocks, the Jam,...

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