Irish Bands for Wedding Ceremonies

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Weddings are a thing of beauty. It's truly remarkable to see two happy people swearing love and faithfulness to each other for, like, a very long time or something. And if you're a soon-to-be-bride, we would like to take the time to congratulate you. Be forewarned though that, as a bride, you'll have a lot of things to worry about: from finding the perfect cake that won't make your allergic relatives' heads distend to the size of...

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Sep at 1:40 PM

NEW ASLAN APP with Bandstand

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Aslan are pleased to announce a collaboration with Bandstand, Ireland’s most innovative new Music App. Bandstand is a platform that offers artists a new method to share and release content. Aslan’s exclusive content will only be available within the Bandstand App – bringing Fans closer to the band through direct messaging, downloads and priority tickets.  Bandstand: Bandstand is the first of its kind; an innovative Direct-To-Fan platform for artists to grow their fan base at the...

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Oct at 11:22 AM

Robots for Festivals

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Summer is a time when people queue up for the best festivals in town, featuring the most exciting acts. To be original and heard in the midst of the various festivals all over the country, a good music act alone simply doesn't cut it any longer and the organisers will have to be that one step ahead of everyone else! With that in mind the team at Robot Networks in affiliation with Music Industry put...

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Oct at 11:20 AM

Gilbert O’Sullivan Ireland Date & Jools Holland

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Waterford born Singer/Songwriter and Grammy Awards nominee Gilbert O’Sullivan Gilbert has appeared on the first of a new series, playing live with the brilliant Jools Holland and his band, as well as picking some of Gilbert's favourite songs! The renowned musician (born Raymond Edward O'Sullivan, 1 December 1946) is one of Ireland's most celebrated singer-songwriters, best known for his early 1970s hits "Alone Again (Naturally)", "Clair" and "Get Down". The music magazine...

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Oct at 9:48 AM

Ryan Sheridan experiences China

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Monaghan success story and Hot Press cover star Ryan Sheridan has been touring endlessly all over Europe since his release of his number 01 album Here And Now. He didn't stop there however and the demand of live gigs overseas brought him all the way to China, where he has been touring with his band and experiencing incredible 'once in a life time moments' over the past weeks. Read More


Oct at 8:45 AM

Keywest take over the cover of Hotpress Magazine

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Keywest are taking over as the band on the cover of Ireland's popular music magazine Hot Press. The five lads are embarking on an Irish & UK Tour very soon with their latest record release JOYLAND. Please check in on the band's Facebook Page for all the details and to keep up to date on everything Keywest...

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Oct at 9:36 AM