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Ryan Sheridan experiences China

Monaghan success story and Hot Press cover star Ryan Sheridan has been touring endlessly all over Europe since his release of his number 01 album Here And Now.
He didn’t stop there however and the demand of live gigs overseas brought him all the way to China, where he has been touring with his band and experiencing incredible ‘once in a life time moments’ over the past weeks.

Ryan states on Facebook:

The adventure continues.
From small Markets selling bullets and telephones to getting taught by master tea makers to getting our names written with old Chinese proverbs to eating ridiculously amazing food and then on to Karaoke Which is a favourite pastime! It’s a fun filled day all day everyday!

You can catch Ryan back in Dublin LIVE on October 22nd at Whelan’s for the Sunday Sessions Live 2 Gig. Check in on our Facebook Page and also Ryan Sherdian‘s for any updates and music news.


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