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Damien Dempsey to play the Noggin Inn

Having just finished up a string of live dates in America and the UK, Damien Dempsey has announced that he will be playing at the Noggin Inn on November 2nd. This is the last of Damiens live dates before he travels to Australia to play a handful of shows in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth.

In recent times the legendary producer Brian Eno and ex-Smiths frontman Morrissey have both been singing the praises of Damien Dempseya��s song writing and performance capabilities.

Morrissey On Damian Dempsey (From the True To You site)

a�?Ia��m the worlda��s biggest Damien Dempsey fan, but every night he kept saying exactly the same things onstage, so one night I met him walking offstage and jumped on his back. He enjoyed thata�� anda�� so did I a��a�?

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